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Access to up-to-date data on all lines of fuel, oil, air and cabin FRAM® filters for cars and trucks.


MANN-FILTERS are filters of original equipment quality. With air, oil, fuel and cabin filters, we offer a complete range of filters for vehicles and cars. Our trading partners can also rightly demand the same first-class quality of our services as our products. Not without reason, for decades we are the preferred partner of dealerships and workshops around the world.


Modern automobile filters and MILES filtering elements for cleaning and filtering fuel, engine oil and air are able to provide high-performance operation, economy and stability of engine performance of modern automobiles, as well as reliably protect engine parts from premature wear.


ASHIKA, a brand of the Japanparts group, has been present on the market since 1989 as a leader in the import and distribution of Asian machine parts (Japanese, Korean, Indian, American, etc.)

The range of products sold by ASHIKA includes a mechanical line (filters, brake pads and discs, hydraulics, clutch, belts, idler pulleys, etc.); motor line (pistons, cylinder heads, plain bearings, etc.); electrical (engines, generators, spark plugs, wipers, etc.), as well as a suspension line with shock absorbers and steering gear.

TS-Antifreeze Synthesis

Automotive filters TS-Filter are Tosol-Synthesis's own design. The filter frame is maximally reinforced, which means that it is not subject to deformation during the entire service life. The balance of elasticity and hardness of polyurethane allows talking about the complete tightness of the filter in the seat. All filter paper used in TS-Filters meets the highest European quality standards. The paper is impregnated with Akril and Novolak resins - this increases the resource of the filter element by two or more times.


Bosch filters have been in the service of engine and human protection for over 80 years. Fuel and oil filters retain contamination, the smallest particles of wear products and harmful chemical compounds. Air and cabin filters will provide you and your car with clean air. By installing Bosch filters on your car, you use the latest technology in mechanical engineering, and a wide range will allow you to choose the product that you need.


Automotive engines are equipped with a lubrication system. In addition, they use fuel and air. Long-term engine operation is only possible with clean, fluid media. Abrasive particles of internal or external origin contained in moving media lead to more wear and damage to the engine. That is why it is necessary to reduce the size and quantity of these particles. This is the most important function of the filter function.

Motor vehicles can also be equipped with cabin air filters, individual for each air conditioning system. Filtration is a separation process of separating the constant component (liquid or gaseous) from the dispersion component (solid or liquid). Separation is carried out by pressure on the suspension pressed against the porous body.

The main factors influencing filter performance are pressure drop, filtration efficiency and service life:

  • PRESSURE DROP is the instantaneous value of the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the filter. It should be minimal.
  • EFFICIENCY is determined by the fineness of filtration. An effective filter prevents premature engine wear.
  • SERVICE LIFE is determined by the amount of contaminants collected before the filter stops working.

All our filters meet these requirements, but it must be remembered that they should be replaced in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers or at least once a year.