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Batteries for cars

Where to find the best batteries for cars? Designed in Germany, VARTA batteries for cars are designed to provide the required level of power and durability for any type of car. Whether you are looking for batteries for standard cars or for complete vehicles with a Start-stop system, you will find them below. Or look at our battery search tool.

Heavy Truck Batteries

Stricter safety and environmental standards, an increase in the number of trucks with a seat for batteries in the rear of the frame, and an increasing number of electronic equipment in all types of vehicles will radically change the market. Our unmatched range of VARTA heavy duty truck batteries is ready to meet the new demands of the market.

Motorsport batteries

Motorsport covers a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, jet skis, various all-terrain vehicles, scooters, snowmobiles and even lawn mowers. You will definitely find a battery specifically designed for each of these applications.

Batteries for outdoor equipment

The range of VARTA Professional batteries is designed for use in marine vessels such as electric boats, yachts, powerboats, as well as in various trailers and motor homes. For golf carts and other similar applications, use batteries for outdoor activities as they provide exceptional power and reliability.


No matter where you go, VARTA batteries are a guarantee that there will always be enough energy. Whether it’s your first car, a car with Start-Stop functionality or a vehicle with a lot of equipment and corresponding high energy consumption, the Dynamic Trio VARTA Black, Blue and Silver batteries provide the necessary energy.

Today, our products are used in millions of cars, motor boats, motorcycles and motorhomes. Each VARTA battery is the embodiment of the experience and knowledge of our engineers. VARTA batteries are a long-lasting resource, less susceptibility to corrosion and lower cost of ownership. All our products can boast of these advantages, whether it is the most advanced batteries for cars with Start-Stop functionality or Professional products for motor boats. When you opt for VARTA, you choose reliable, accurate technology that delivers best-in-class manufacturing quality.

Innovation for the environment. VARTA batteries are the driving force behind innovative developments in the field of fuel economy, such as engines with Start-Stop technology. Greenhouse gas emissions during the production process are up to 20 percent lower, and at the same time, these batteries are guaranteed to start the engine of your car again and again, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Success Story - The VARTA brand has over 125 years of history. VARTA batteries are installed on primary equipment by the largest automakers and are trusted by drivers all over the world.


Accumulators of the Autopower trademark are manufactured by the Johnson Controls concern at factories located in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Also, these plants produce batteries under the brand names - Varta, Bosch, Marshall, Toyota, AFA, Gigawatt, Energizer (black color of the battery case). Autopower batteries are supplied to the CIS countries from Germany (Hanover), the Czech Republic (Czech Lipa), Spain (Burgos).

Considering that the battery is powered at the same premium facilities as the legendary Varta, this allows the battery to give good performance and withstand significant peak loads. Autopower batteries are designed for cars with high energy consumption. And are popular among professionals.

Advantages and characteristics of Autopower batteries: this is a new generation high-quality battery, manufactured using the latest technology, increased starting characteristics, which is recommended for cars with gasoline and diesel engines with a large number of additional electrical equipment, the electrodes are made of a technologically new lead-calcium alloy, with special additives allowing to achieve higher energy characteristics and increase battery life it is tight, the lid is connected to the monoblock using the new technology of “dry grinding”. The lid is equipped with a duplex system with labyrinth cameras and filters that maintain a constant electrolyte level in the batteries.